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Hickok SportsThoughts

Sports historian and author Ralph Hickok of www.hickoksports.com sometimes meanders on about current happenings in sports and sometimes looks back in languor.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Three Things David Ortiz Never Said

A two-sided promotional piece from Comcast was in the mailbox yesterday.
Evidently David Ortiz of the Red Sox is a Comcast spokesman, at least here in Massachusetts, because there's a picture of him on the front. He's following through, probably after having hit the ball a long way.
Beneath that is a purported quote bearing Ortiz's signature: "COMCAST IS MY MOST VALUABLE PLAYER." (Yes, we're not only supposed to believe that he said that, but that he said it IN ALL CAPITALS.)
On the flip side are two more photos of Ortiz, in civilian clothes. In one, he's holding a TV remote control. The caption reads, "Choice and convenience are always solid hits in my house."
In the other, he smiles at you from behind a laptop. This caption reads, "It's how I connect when I'm not connecting with the ball."
Begging your pardon, but David Ortiz never said any of those things.
I've never been a big believer in celebrity endorsements as a way of selling products. I'm even less of a believer in the efficacy of putting obviously made-up quotes into a celebrity's mouth.