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Hickok SportsThoughts

Sports historian and author Ralph Hickok of www.hickoksports.com sometimes meanders on about current happenings in sports and sometimes looks back in languor.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Those Far-Flung Packer Fans

Speaking of the NFL draft, this just in. . .
Through their website, the Green Bay Packers challenged fans to name the team's first selection. Of the more than 7,000 who entered, only 29 correctly predicted it would be California quarterback Aaron Rodgers.
That's hardly surprising, since the Packers had the 24th pick and Rodgers had been expected to go much earlier than that.
What is perhaps surprising is the geographical distribution of those 29 fans. Only 13 of them live in Wisconsin.
The other 16 live in 10 different states, from New York to California, and two other countries, Canada and Denmark.
I can't help wondering if a sampling of any other NFL team's fans would show such geographical diversity.
In my travels, I've often been surprised at how many fellow Packer fans I meet. I've been living in Patriots' territory for quite a long time now. When the Packers and Patriots met in Super Bowl XXXII, I was invited to a pro-Packer Super Bowl party. To my amazement, more than 200 people showed up.
Some are basically Brett Favre fans and others are what you might call long-term bandwagoners, who became Packer fans during the Lombardi powerhouse years. Most, though, root for the Packers because Green Bay is the smallest city with a major professional team.
There's something about the underdog.